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The good news about marriage conferences

In our last newsletter we shared some good news about marriage, noting that simple changes can make a big difference in marriage, and that the biggest threat to marriage is not divorce, it is actually discouragement. This means that encouragement to promote change in personal behavior can significantly impact relationships. People need hope, and that is what FamilyLife is about “Help for today, Hope for tomorrow”.

And the good news about marriage conferences such as our FamilyLife "Weekend to Remember” marriage conference is that this is exactly what we aim to achieve, and the feedback tells us that we have.

This year we had a notable increase in registrations, resulting in us reaching the full capacity of 110 couples, one week before the event. Unfortunately several last minute registration requests were turned away. Participants ranged from dating, to engaged, to newly weds and even some 40 + years married. There were also several Alumni couples who attended the conference before and use the conference as a means of maintaining a healthy marriage.

Our four-couple speaker team with their diverse backgrounds - a Family life Educator, a Pastor/ Campus Crusade Director, a Caterer/ Entrepreneur, a Police Officer, a Homemaker/ Homeschooler, a CEO, an Executive Coach and an Engineer, all shared their lives, giving real stories to illustrate the power of timeless biblical principles.

It is always rewarding to see many couples come in, barely communicating with each other and by the end of the first day, those couples are smiling, holding hands and sharing intimate moments with each other. The feedback was tremendous and provided further encouragement to continue the work of strengthening marriages, despite the relentless drive of some, to redefine the family away from God’s original intention.

95% of respondents rated the conference 9 and above, with 10 being excellent. This is a tremendous testimony of the power of God, the diligence of our core team and the generosity of our sponsors and partners. Putting on an event of this standard takes effort. A lot of work goes on in the months leading up to the two days and we wish to thank the Core team and all the volunteers, who willingly give their time and talent to make it all happen.

We look forward to reconnecting with our participants again on October 17th at I Still Do 2015. Details will be communicated soon, in the meantime you can get some more information about the event at!events/c192a.

More photos can be viewed on our website and Facebook page.

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