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Our Leaders

FamilyLife Trinidad and Tobago was registered in 1999 by Steve and Cecile Mohammed who are currently the Team Leader for LDHR in Latin America and the Caribbean. Russel and Joelle Aching lead the local team supported by a core group of 12 volunteer couples. At present our 5-member Board of Directors include: Steve Mohammed (Chairman), Cecile Mohammed (Secretary), Maureen Bartholomew, Russel Aching and Joelle Bellemare-Aching. Over the years, many others have come alongside the organisation and rendered tremendous support which has contributed to our success in various ways. 

Steve and Cecile Mohammed with their two daughters, Andrea and Meagan.

Russel and Joëlle Aching with their three children, Alexander, Marielle and Edyn.

David and Maureen Bartholomew.  The Bartholomews have three daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Our Speakers

FamilyLife's speakers have come to thoroughly understand the importance of God’s blueprints for marriage and are living it out in their daily lives. They are a dynamic, fun-filled group of people who are committed to encourage and equip both you and your spouse to build a Godly home. Their presentations are biblically centered and professionally sound. We believe they are marriage experts because of their passion for the wellness of marriage and families. They agree whole-heartedly with and are totally committed to the principles taught at all FamilyLife events.

Steve and Cecile Mohammed

Sean and Bernadette Francis

David and Maureen Bartholomew

Lawrence and Lorraine Isadore

Our Administrators & Volunteers

Our administration staff headed by Mrs. Dawn Marryshow, is a team of committed professionals who provide the required background support, to ensure smooth operations. They are the engine room for all our events and they are supported by a volunteer team that is passionate about seeing marriages and families transformed in our communities.

Angus and Dawn Marryshow

Andy and Miriam Edwards

Wayne and Arlene D'Arbreau

Bill and Laila Naranjit

Duane and Patricia Weekes

Rondell and Amirah John

Sadie, Andrea, Frederique and Meagan

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